Best Waiver Wire Pick Ups for Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy baseball is one of the most difficult fantasy sports to play. The season is long, players get hurt or get sent down to the minors, and MLB lineups are constantly changing. What is the one constant? The waiver wire. Whether you are reading the latest news from the Fantasy Alarm or furiously scouring the latest sports headlines yourself, the following info can help you win your league.


Hansel Robles, RP – New York Mets

The New York Mets were supposed to have one of the most daunting starting rotations in all of Major League Baseball but really the most important aspect has been their relief pitching. Jeurys Familia’s injury opened the door for Hansel Robles to step in and rack up some important innings. He’s a good add if you need some late inning work with a high heater at 95 MPH.


Jed Lowrie, 2B – Oakland Athletics

Jed Lowrie is as consistent as they come and he is having his best season since 2012. Lowrie has become an important part of the top of the Athletic’s order and he has shown the ability to draw walks and get solid contact while also providing some timely power at the plate. Lowrie is a great fill in for a short while if you have an injured starter in the infield.


Rhys Hoskins, 1B – Philadelphia Phillies

Rhys Hoskins is going to give Philadelphia fans something to cheer about as the season winds to a close. Hoskins has epic power at the plate and he has shown himself to be an elite slugger at every level of the Minors. Hoskins got off to an explosive start in the Majors and though an injury derailed him momentarily, he should be able to get back on track for the home stretch of the season.

Securus video visitation saves families thousands while reducing crime

Seeing a loved one convicted of a serious crime is one of the most disheartening things that anyone can go through. Unfortunately, many families who have their loved ones convicted and sentenced to long prison sentences have even worse things that await them. Oftentimes, the prisoners end up being housed hours from their hometown, necessitating extremely long drives to visit the prison and making it very difficult for family members to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones.


For example, it is common for those who are convicted of crimes around the San Diego and Los Angeles area to ultimately end up incarcerated in San Quentin or Folsom, prisons located hundreds of miles away and five to seven hours of driving. For many low-income families in the Los Angeles or San Diego metro area, this makes it essentially impossible for them to ever visit their loved ones in prison.


Such situations lead to inmates becoming extremely isolated on the inside, resorting to becoming completely immersed in the politics of prison and its criminal milieu. If it persists for long enough, this deep habituation to the criminal social environment leads to what many criminologists refer to as institutionalization. Once a prisoner becomes fully institutionalized, they may have an extremely difficult time ever adjusting to normal life within law-abiding society again.


Through its video visitation technology, Securus Technologies is changing all of this. Video visitation allows for families to stay in almost constant contact with their incarcerated loved ones for reasonable rates. Most video visitation calls throughout the United States on Securus’ system cost approximately $0.15 per minute. At these incredibly low rates, it is possible for almost any inmates to afford to stay in constant touch with their loved ones on the outside, leading to a greater sense of hope and the ability to make it through long periods of incarceration.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Putting Bradesco Back To The Top

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the chief executive officer of Bradesco, one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil. It was Brazil’s largest bank, but this distinction was overthrown when their rival banks Banco Itau and Unibanco decided to merge in 2009. Despite being only the third largest bank in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did everything that he can in order for Bradesco to cope with its rival banks, and secure its position to be one of the most stable banks in the country.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in the city of Marilia, where Bradesco originated, and studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters, inside the University of Sao Paolo. He decided to work inside the bank right after graduating from the university. He worked hard in order to be promoted, and he managed to climb the corporate ladder eventually taking up the position of president. During his term as the bank’s president, he managed to use all of the skills that he learned in order to fix the troubles inside the company. He cared for the executives of the company’s department, and gave them autonomy in performing their jobs. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also wanted to benefit from them, so whenever a meeting is being called, he would usually ask his executives about their plan of action in order to move the company forward. He is also keen in looking for potential talents outside the company, so he scouted the market in order to look for professionals.


One of the boldest moves that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made is when he decided to purchase the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2 billion. This move was approved by Bradesco’s chairman of the board, Lazaro Brandao, and they believe that the plans of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be realized after the deal. With the acquisition of the Brazilian branch of HSBC, Bradesco managed to grow instantly – comparable to what they can achieve through organic growth in six years. Because of this, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was given the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, for his outstanding performance being Bradesco’s chief executive officer.

With this new chapter in the history of Bradesco, they believe that they can outperform their rivals in just a short period of time. The ideas which Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has in mind could reshape the financial industry of Brazil, and could once again put Bradesco back into the pedestal.

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How Nathaniel Ru Brought Sweetgreen to Life

Sweetgreen is the latest sensation to be sweeping the table with customers who want a food conscious and healthy alternative to modern fast food. Sweetgreen was established by Nathaniel Ru and a pair of his friends and fellow students at Georgetown University. The trio would brainstorm their concept for a farm – to – table restaurant during their entrepreneurship class but it wouldn’t be until after graduation that they put their plan into effect.


For Nathaniel Ru, the concept of Sweetgreen was a big deal. Ru and his fellow Sweetgreen co-founders had done nothing in business before. They were fresh faced graduates with an idea that would be hard to sell. Fortunately they found a small former tavern and a landlord that was willing to take a chance on them — after some urging. Ru recalls trying to explain the concept of Sweetgreen to the property landlord several times, each conversation with the landlord hanging up. Finally they got a face to face meeting and the rest is history. With a smile Nathaniel Ru recalls, “That was the first and last time that I wore a suit to a business meeting.”


Within a month of landing their space the team had hired an architect and found multiple backers for their project. Everything was going so smoothly that it was almost hard to believe. Serendipity, if nothing else. Ru says, “Now I know how blessed we were to get that chance.” He goes on to admit that something like that would never happen again and he concluded by saying, “The timing was just right.” And right he was. More people than ever are beginning to become aware and wise about the food they are consuming, so Sweetgreen’s health-first approach to quick and ready salads was right up their demographic’s alley.


Now there are 21 different Sweetgreen locations sprinkled through the Northeast’s biggest cities: New York, Boston and Philadelphia. The Sweetgreen shops routinely have lines out the door with the majority of customers making their orders online, and merely swinging by to pick them up. This focus on technology and culinary trends has put co-founder Theresa Dold into the mindset of comparing Sweetgreen to another revolutionary company: Apple. Dold explains that they focused on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’. Nathaniel Ru and his team have certainly honed in on what they do best and Sweetgreen continues to grow as a result.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Continues to Flourish

In an economy where most malls are seeing a decline in the things that they are able to do and the customers that they are able to attract, Manaira is seeing a huge increase in the people who are coming to the mall, spending time and spending their money. It is something that was unexpected but also something that has made Manaira better than most of the other malls. The mall has something to offer everyone who visits there so that could be one of the major reasons that people are able to visit the mall and enjoy everything that is there.

When people visit Manaira, they are able to get more out of the experience. This is something that has become a huge part of the shopping mall. Just visiting the mall is enough to fill up the options that most visitors have when they go to a tourist location. Manaira is not only a great place for tourists but they also have something to offer the local people who come to shop for the necessities on a regular basis while they are doing different things at the mall. Paraiba is the home to Manaira and it is one of the biggest shopping malls in the whole country. Read more articles on

Since Roberto Santiago first built Manaira, it has continued to grow. The mall started out relatively modestly. Though it was a luxurious mall and something that was much larger than what most people were used to, Manaira was humble at the beginning. Roberto Santiago saw that the mall was successful and that people were able to get exactly what they needed from the mall. He used this success and the profits that came from it to be able to add onto the mall and expand it to support new needs.

Roberto Santiago did everything that he could to make sure that the mall was successful. One of the first things that he did was expand the entertainment options at Manaira. He added movie theaters so that there are now a total of eleven theaters within the mall. From there, he also had a rooftop expo center added on. This center is large enough to accommodate many people, hold concerts and have events that are related to the Brazilian culture that is prominent in the area that they are in. It was an addition that was added to help people make more money.

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For many malls, the economy in Brazil means that they are forced to close or rethink the options that they have. For Manaira, this means that the mall can continue growing and getting better with the options that they have. The Manaira Mall is going to continue to grow and to get better with time. It is something that has helped Roberto Santiago to see what success means and has also given him the chance to explore more of the options in shopping malls. He has even created other shopping districts, but none have been as grand as what Manaira has.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Oncotarget Helps Peer Reviewers

As a peer review publication, Oncotarget is something that is going to help people who are doing research and who are trying to make sure that they can be a part of the medical field. Mikhail Blagosklonny created the publication so that he would be able to help people and so that they would be able to learn more about the different advances in the medical field. He did all of this so that he could make things better for the patients and for the people who were a part of the industry because he knew that this was a necessary part of the business. He also knew that it was something that could have positive effects on the medical community so that people would be able to get more out of the things that they had learned from the publication. He wanted the publication to be inclusive of treatments and findings in all areas of medicine.

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While Oncotarget started out as a publication for oncologists, it has grown to include other areas of medicine. Mikhail Blagosklonny knew that these areas could all help each other and that they could learn something from the things that oncologists and even neurologists had found. He wanted those who were scientifically studying medicine the chance to be able to put their findings into different areas and opportunities that they had. Mikhail Blagosklonny knew a lot about oncology and knew that all of the different specialties would be able to make a difference for those people.

As Oncotarget grew to new heights, Mikhail Blagosklonny saw that it was something that was helping people. Not only were people connecting over the findings that they had in their area of medicine but they were all working together to bridge the gap between different specialties. He wanted to see people get the help that they needed. The publications have also been a major positive influence for those who are students and are just doing research for medicine. The peer review publication helps people to learn more about the things that they can do with the found research. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

Securus Technologies Controlling Gang Violence in Jails

One of the most dangerous parts about working in a prison is dealing with the gang members. There are a huge number of these gang members who are serving lengthy prison sentences, so they are not afraid to get into trouble in jail because adding 15 years to a life sentence equates to absolutely nothing for these inmates. When you work around people who have a hatred for authority and really have nothing to lose, you have to have your head on a swivel or you will get seriously hurt on the job.


The only real way to get a hold of things like knives is when visitors slip contraband to the inmates via the visitor center. Our team uses metal detectors and body searches, but these inmates have developed some very crafty ways to get those items when they need them. Now add into this mix that those gang members on the street that are ordered to bring things to the jail, and you have another dangerous element to consider. These gang members see jail time as a reward for helping their brothers, so they jump at the chance to help.


To try and get ahead of this problem, we turned to Securus Technologies to install a call monitoring system that gave us the ability to listen more intently to calls the inmates are making. The system could do the work of a half-dozen of my officers, so we welcomed the new technology with open arms.


No sooner did my team learn the LBS software, we could hear gang members talking on the phones about hiding weapons in the prison yard, getting weapons past the guards in the visitor center, and how they make weapons from things in their cells. The longer they talk, the more we get control of the problem thanks to Securus Technologies.


All About WEN By Chaz

When looking for high-quality hair products, it is becoming more common to see the brand WEN by Chaz on beauty retailers’ shelves and websites. Commonly, this brand is recognized for their cleansing conditioners, a 2-in-1 product that cleans the hair while delivering intense moisture. This brand is earning recognition for this unique no-poo shampoo cleansing method, as well as the fact that these types of hair cleansing agents have many benefits. Besides the fact that these cleansing conditioners are only one product instead of two, there are other benefits that are worth mentioning.

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First, the cleansing conditioners produced by WEN by Chaz have been specifically formulated to avoid harsh chemicals. These detrimental chemicals (such as harmful sulfates) are avoided because they actually make the hair “too clean”; what this means is that the hair loses all of its oils, including the healthy oils that it needs for delivering nutrients to the hair. Thankfully, WEN by Chaz had hair health in mind while creating their cleansing conditioner hair products, as they have been created to gently clean the hair, leaving the hair with its natural, much-needed oils. With natural oils comes a beautiful shine, giving people the hair the dream about.

Another benefit of using WEN by Chaz’s cleaning conditioner is that the process of cleaning that hair is new, and actually kind of enjoyable. Only one product is needed, therefor making the process quicker. However, the quicker process can be more enjoyable because of the awesome scents these cleansing conditioners come in. WEN by Chaz wanted to create scents that were new and exciting, so they made their products in scents that include fig, sweet almond mint, lavender, and even tea tree! With a new approach and a great scent, these products are bound to make hair be great again.

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George Soros: The Liberal Billionaire and Philanthropist

George Soros is one of the United States-based liberal billionaires. For over two decades of professional experience, no one knows how to develop fast income in a way that is not anticipated in the industry. For this reason, better business solutions are developed to accommodate fast income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. People always look for mistakes to accelerate fast income. In this case, you might accumulate fast income through the specified solutions. George Soros has always assimilated the most sophisticated business deals in the industry. For this reason, their accreditation has gone lower than normal.

George Soros has worked in the hedge fund management industry for over four decades. For all this time, he has issued his assimilation in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. Working with better business always allows you to get associated with intensive capabilities. Because he has increased his experience in the industry, he has the capability to make more money than any other person in this industry. George Soros is also insulated with fast working capital to develop the intrinsic capabilities to facilitate better business solutions. George Soros is also considered to be a better business agent. Read more at The New York Times about George.

George Soros went to the United States in 1957 after graduating from the London School of Business. During his time at the college, he learned how to manage a hedge fund company to success and innovation. For this reason, he has always achieved the most sophisticated business capability in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. People who need fast working solutions need to assimilate their business as George Soros does. George Soros also learned how to develop fast income through the generational intentions to maximize his benefits in the industry. For those who need fast income, they must be associated with better business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

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George Soros was born in Hungary. He was also born during the time when the Nazi Occupation was overtaking the regime of the nation. When they also saw that the Jews in the country were taking over the nation in business, they decided to kill all Jews in the country. For this reason, no one developed fast income to achieve the best business capability. George Soros decided to look for false identities to develop this company in a manner that is not capacitated in this industry. Working to determine the best business association develops business identities that change as time passes. George Soros moved to London after graduating from high school. While in London, he had a hard time sustaining his family. For this reason, he secured a job opportunity at the local railway restaurant working as a waiter. Know more on about George Soros.

Agile Investing with Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions brings manageable, attainable, and agile financial plans to the people in and around Austin Texas. He achieves this through a three step process, making almost any financial goal attainable. To get a plan together for his clients he will start by laying out a financial road map. These can be things such as their strengths, goals, and how much risk they can handle while investing. With this information he helps develop a financial plan for the client. After making a financial plan, the next step is to implement. With their strengths and goals in mind Blair sets up a plan with a certain amount of liquidity and investment tailored towards the clients needs. The goal is to maximize returns when the market is booming and minimize losses when the market is a bust. After all of the financial planning is complete Blair helps his clients with insurance needs, whether it be life insurance, long term care, or annuities.


Richard Blair started his company in 1994 He got the idea for his company being encompassed by teachers. His grandmother and mother were able to instill in him the value of learning, and the power that knowledge brings. With confidence and a niche for financing he started Wealth Solutions to serve clients in the area of Austin, Texas. Richard Blair’s company Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Richard Blair also has several qualifications including but not limited to Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified State and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, and Retirement Income Certified Professional. He offers his services to small businesses and families that are in need of investment advice. Today Blair’s firm provides top notch advice to client’s with his immense knowledge and proficiency that allows him to make sound and capable decisions in investment and insurance needs for his clients. Blair specializes in retirement where he helps his clients plan out and live in retirement without the worry of if they will have to work again or their funds being misplaced. Wealth Solutions has a long background of supplying their clients with healthy information.