One Woman’s Account Of Wen In

Chaz Dean has become a household name in hair care. He really takes the time to understand hair and the necessary components to make hair healthy and looking it’s best. Chaz started out in a salon, washing hair. He realized that most of the shampoos men and women use are stripping and killing the hair. Most of the shampoos are causing hair to break and become unmanageable. After much time and experimentation, Chaz came up with a solution to the problems of hair care. He created the Wen lineup of Sephora hair care products. Women and men all over California flock to Chaz for their hair solutions.

A recent article in Bustle explains how one woman put the Wen cleansing conditioner to a week long challenge. She purchased the product and used it for one whole week. Each morning the woman noticed her hair was oily and in need of a wash. Each day she repeated the wash cycle of ten to sixteen pumps of WEN hair product and a quick wash. Some days she took the time to style her hair but others she washed and dried for a natural look.

Co-workers and Facebook friends took notice of her hair. They repeatedly asked what she had done to her hair to make it bounce and shine like it was doing. Her hair was in fantastic shape. It was clean and healthy. The split ends were disappearing. Her hair was thicker and it definitely smelled great. Most days the young woman did not mind re-washing her hair. The day she was running late she realized she needed to take the Wen with her to work and wash it there. This may have been a little out of ordinary but much to her surprise, it turned out ok.

After trying the product for a whole week she realized the Wen cleansing conditioner was well worth the few extra dollars it cost on eBay.