The Powerful Securus Technologies Monitoring System

Part of my responsibilities working inside the local jail is keeping everyone from inmates to staff safe. This has gotten harder over the years as more violent inmates and overcrowded conditions have really made our jail, a dangerous place to work or reside. The violence in our jail over the last year has been worse than all my ten years of working their combined. Our superiors decided to give us access to a resource that could help maintain order, little did we know how effective a tool this system was going to be.


Securus Technologies is a company that has developed a unique call monitoring system that can eliminate the need for officers to have to sit in a room listening to call the inmates are making, scanning call by way of software now. The LBS software can identify and alert officers if chatter concerning contraband is mentioned, or any specific verbiage they have issues with from gangs, weapons, to drugs. This system not only is more accurate and can scan all the calls at once, it allows my officers to be working the front lines where they are needed most.


Securus Technologies has one thousand employs and is headquartered in Dallas, and according to the CEO of the company, they are all working towards a single objective to keep our world safe. With over 2,500 systems in jails around the country, they must be doing something right. Within hours of the system being installed in our jail, we began to see results that have reduced violent episodes in the jail by 50 percent this month already.


If the system identifies inmates talking about using drugs, selling drugs, hiding weapons, or planning attacks, our team immediately takes actions and we are able to now eliminate any chance of that situation becoming a threat to those in the jail.