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Hurricane Harvey which hit the Texas coastline on August 25, 2017, left 39,000 people homeless. The category 4 hurricane made landfall three times; since it was a slow-moving storm it lasted for six days. Needless to say, it left the place with tragic results. Learn more:

Austin Disaster Relief Network(ADRN) a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization moved into action to assist the victims of the tragedy. It mobilized many volunteers, churches, and businesses for the task. Through this, new friends arose to aide in this hour of need. In partnership with Austin Disaster Relief Network, U.S Money Reserve answered the call for help by raising $219,622 dollars to help with the disaster victims. The U.S Money Reserve set up a page called YouCaring and throughout the month of September, matched the donation to Austin Disaster Relief Network’s funds for Hurricane Harvey.

U.S Money Reserve is a gold, silver, and platinum coin distributor, which is based in Texas and has offices in Austin, Beaumont, and Huston. U.S Money Reserve understood that the disaster was too close to home and wanted to help employees and neighbors that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Austin Disaster Relief Network acknowledged that it was through businesses like U.S Money Reserve that they were able to respond to the high financial need of the disaster. Funds that were raised went straight to the victims of the disaster of Hurricane Harvey.

Founded in 2001, by gold market veterans, U.S. Market Reserve is one of the largest distributors of U.S. issued gold, silver and platinum products. They offer excellent customer service and expert market knowledge to give the customer the guidance that they need to make the best investment. They offer legal tender precious metal, which is authorized by Congress. The coins are minted at United States Mint.

Awarded an “AAA” by the Business Consumer Alliance for trustworthy and ethical business practices, U.S. Money Reserve seeks to establish long-term relationships with its clients. U.S. Money Reserve brings complete transparency and personalized service to a satisfied customer. Also, a money back guarantee to safeguard its promise for transparency and satisfaction.