Frontera Fund Is Partly In Thanks Due To Joe Arpaio

During the fall of 2007, two writers were taken from their homes in the middle of the night by a task force which was established by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It was this task force that placed the men into the backs of awaiting SUV’s and catered them off to a jail where they would be booked into, except they were booked into separate jails.


The Phoenix New Times media outlet spoke about the bad things that Sheriff Arpaio was accused of taking part in. The men would later be the center of a long court battle against the Maricopa County due to the arrest of both of these men.


Upon the release of the grand jury subpoenas, the men were instructed to release the names of the editors, writers and visitors to the Village Media outlet. They refused to release these names, citing the first amendment as their protection. When the men refused and citied the first amendment, this is when they were arrested and booked. After an emotional outpouring of support for the men, the men were later released and charges dropped.


After the charges were dropped, the men sought out attorneys to represent them in a case against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department. This court case would last for a number of years before it was later resolved by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision was in favor of the men for 3.7 million dollars.


With the money that was awarded to the men, the men created a foundation by the name of the Frontera Fund. These funds are used to help others who are in the midst of a legal battle due to their civil rights being violated or for immigrants who are on the verge of being deported. With more immigrants being forced out due to the shut down of certain funded programs like DACA. With the DACA ending, many people here for education and work training will be forced to return to their country. When they return to their country, they will be forced to work for little to nothing and will most likely return to a poverty level.