Securus video visitation saves families thousands while reducing crime

Seeing a loved one convicted of a serious crime is one of the most disheartening things that anyone can go through. Unfortunately, many families who have their loved ones convicted and sentenced to long prison sentences have even worse things that await them. Oftentimes, the prisoners end up being housed hours from their hometown, necessitating extremely long drives to visit the prison and making it very difficult for family members to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones.


For example, it is common for those who are convicted of crimes around the San Diego and Los Angeles area to ultimately end up incarcerated in San Quentin or Folsom, prisons located hundreds of miles away and five to seven hours of driving. For many low-income families in the Los Angeles or San Diego metro area, this makes it essentially impossible for them to ever visit their loved ones in prison.


Such situations lead to inmates becoming extremely isolated on the inside, resorting to becoming completely immersed in the politics of prison and its criminal milieu. If it persists for long enough, this deep habituation to the criminal social environment leads to what many criminologists refer to as institutionalization. Once a prisoner becomes fully institutionalized, they may have an extremely difficult time ever adjusting to normal life within law-abiding society again.


Through its video visitation technology, Securus Technologies is changing all of this. Video visitation allows for families to stay in almost constant contact with their incarcerated loved ones for reasonable rates. Most video visitation calls throughout the United States on Securus’ system cost approximately $0.15 per minute. At these incredibly low rates, it is possible for almost any inmates to afford to stay in constant touch with their loved ones on the outside, leading to a greater sense of hope and the ability to make it through long periods of incarceration.


Securus Technologies Controlling Gang Violence in Jails

One of the most dangerous parts about working in a prison is dealing with the gang members. There are a huge number of these gang members who are serving lengthy prison sentences, so they are not afraid to get into trouble in jail because adding 15 years to a life sentence equates to absolutely nothing for these inmates. When you work around people who have a hatred for authority and really have nothing to lose, you have to have your head on a swivel or you will get seriously hurt on the job.


The only real way to get a hold of things like knives is when visitors slip contraband to the inmates via the visitor center. Our team uses metal detectors and body searches, but these inmates have developed some very crafty ways to get those items when they need them. Now add into this mix that those gang members on the street that are ordered to bring things to the jail, and you have another dangerous element to consider. These gang members see jail time as a reward for helping their brothers, so they jump at the chance to help.


To try and get ahead of this problem, we turned to Securus Technologies to install a call monitoring system that gave us the ability to listen more intently to calls the inmates are making. The system could do the work of a half-dozen of my officers, so we welcomed the new technology with open arms.


No sooner did my team learn the LBS software, we could hear gang members talking on the phones about hiding weapons in the prison yard, getting weapons past the guards in the visitor center, and how they make weapons from things in their cells. The longer they talk, the more we get control of the problem thanks to Securus Technologies.