Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Continues to Flourish

In an economy where most malls are seeing a decline in the things that they are able to do and the customers that they are able to attract, Manaira is seeing a huge increase in the people who are coming to the mall, spending time and spending their money. It is something that was unexpected but also something that has made Manaira better than most of the other malls. The mall has something to offer everyone who visits there so that could be one of the major reasons that people are able to visit the mall and enjoy everything that is there.

When people visit Manaira, they are able to get more out of the experience. This is something that has become a huge part of the shopping mall. Just visiting the mall is enough to fill up the options that most visitors have when they go to a tourist location. Manaira is not only a great place for tourists but they also have something to offer the local people who come to shop for the necessities on a regular basis while they are doing different things at the mall. Paraiba is the home to Manaira and it is one of the biggest shopping malls in the whole country. Read more articles on

Since Roberto Santiago first built Manaira, it has continued to grow. The mall started out relatively modestly. Though it was a luxurious mall and something that was much larger than what most people were used to, Manaira was humble at the beginning. Roberto Santiago saw that the mall was successful and that people were able to get exactly what they needed from the mall. He used this success and the profits that came from it to be able to add onto the mall and expand it to support new needs.

Roberto Santiago did everything that he could to make sure that the mall was successful. One of the first things that he did was expand the entertainment options at Manaira. He added movie theaters so that there are now a total of eleven theaters within the mall. From there, he also had a rooftop expo center added on. This center is large enough to accommodate many people, hold concerts and have events that are related to the Brazilian culture that is prominent in the area that they are in. It was an addition that was added to help people make more money.

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For many malls, the economy in Brazil means that they are forced to close or rethink the options that they have. For Manaira, this means that the mall can continue growing and getting better with the options that they have. The Manaira Mall is going to continue to grow and to get better with time. It is something that has helped Roberto Santiago to see what success means and has also given him the chance to explore more of the options in shopping malls. He has even created other shopping districts, but none have been as grand as what Manaira has.

Agile Investing with Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions brings manageable, attainable, and agile financial plans to the people in and around Austin Texas. He achieves this through a three step process, making almost any financial goal attainable. To get a plan together for his clients he will start by laying out a financial road map. These can be things such as their strengths, goals, and how much risk they can handle while investing. With this information he helps develop a financial plan for the client. After making a financial plan, the next step is to implement. With their strengths and goals in mind Blair sets up a plan with a certain amount of liquidity and investment tailored towards the clients needs. The goal is to maximize returns when the market is booming and minimize losses when the market is a bust. After all of the financial planning is complete Blair helps his clients with insurance needs, whether it be life insurance, long term care, or annuities.


Richard Blair started his company in 1994 He got the idea for his company being encompassed by teachers. His grandmother and mother were able to instill in him the value of learning, and the power that knowledge brings. With confidence and a niche for financing he started Wealth Solutions to serve clients in the area of Austin, Texas. Richard Blair’s company Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Richard Blair also has several qualifications including but not limited to Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified State and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, and Retirement Income Certified Professional. He offers his services to small businesses and families that are in need of investment advice. Today Blair’s firm provides top notch advice to client’s with his immense knowledge and proficiency that allows him to make sound and capable decisions in investment and insurance needs for his clients. Blair specializes in retirement where he helps his clients plan out and live in retirement without the worry of if they will have to work again or their funds being misplaced. Wealth Solutions has a long background of supplying their clients with healthy information.



Samuel Strauch: A Real Estate Investing Expert

Many people Struggle to find their purpose and passion, but experts like Samuel Strauch seem to have established a balance between passion, potential, and purpose.

Even though his financial career began in banking, Samuel desire to pursue real estate led him to build a real estate business. In 2002, he decided to pursue his real estate career full time by establishing his company. The Metrik Real Estate Company was founded to offer investment opportunities to clients.

The Company focuses on providing services in three channels in capital, real estate, and development. Samuel Strauch has achieved success in equity sourcing, development, brokerage, and real estate sectors in Miami Florida and Latin America.

The company focuses on different types of investments including new developments, land and property rehabilitation. They also invest in commercial and residential income generating properties.

Metrik’s primary goal is to create a long lasting relationship through collaboration, transparency, and accountability. The team seeks to promote a growth of the investors, partners, and clients.

Samuel Strauch has built a robust reputation. The success has been attributed to his tenacity, hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and curiosity of the mind. He has also surrounded himself with experienced professionals that have helped him build a successful business.

Samuel Strauch’s philosophy is that every person should take an active approach to make a positive impact on human growth.

Education Background

Samuel Strauch holds Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from the Hofstra University. He also attended the Erasmus University Rotterdam to pursue his International Finance and International Marketing. Samuel later attended Harvard University for his Master Degree. He graduated with a degree in Executive Education in Real Estate and Capital Markets.

Aside from being an excellent real estate investor, he has developed different hobbies that keep him busy and entertained. He loves photography, cycling, and meditation.