One Woman’s Account Of Wen In

Chaz Dean has become a household name in hair care. He really takes the time to understand hair and the necessary components to make hair healthy and looking it’s best. Chaz started out in a salon, washing hair. He realized that most of the shampoos men and women use are stripping and killing the hair. Most of the shampoos are causing hair to break and become unmanageable. After much time and experimentation, Chaz came up with a solution to the problems of hair care. He created the Wen lineup of Sephora hair care products. Women and men all over California flock to Chaz for their hair solutions.

A recent article in Bustle explains how one woman put the Wen cleansing conditioner to a week long challenge. She purchased the product and used it for one whole week. Each morning the woman noticed her hair was oily and in need of a wash. Each day she repeated the wash cycle of ten to sixteen pumps of WEN hair product and a quick wash. Some days she took the time to style her hair but others she washed and dried for a natural look.

Co-workers and Facebook friends took notice of her hair. They repeatedly asked what she had done to her hair to make it bounce and shine like it was doing. Her hair was in fantastic shape. It was clean and healthy. The split ends were disappearing. Her hair was thicker and it definitely smelled great. Most days the young woman did not mind re-washing her hair. The day she was running late she realized she needed to take the Wen with her to work and wash it there. This may have been a little out of ordinary but much to her surprise, it turned out ok.

After trying the product for a whole week she realized the Wen cleansing conditioner was well worth the few extra dollars it cost on eBay.

The Many Business Ventures of Brian Bonar

Bellamy’s is Brian Bonar’s latest achievement in his many business ventures. Located in Escondido, California, it used to be a progressive restaurant called, Tango. Bonar kept much of the décor, but hired new staff, which includes a new front man, Trevor De costa, a Master Chef of France, Patrick Ponsaty, and Executive Chef, Mike Reidy.

Troy Johnson, who wrote an article in the San Diego Magazine about his experience, explains the food as an unexpectedly, exquisite experience. He delighted in a corn soup, poached salmon, smoked eel and liver, a beet salad, which Johnson called, “life changing,” mushroom ravioli, a halibut he didn’t particularly care for, a “mind blowing” duck, and for desert he enjoyed a saffron panna cotta.

Johnson recommends Bellamy’s as one of the best restaurants to eat in San Diego, but there is more to come. Bonar is working on a 144 acre property close to Bellamy’s where he plans to turn it into a 4 star restaurant and event venue. Johnson predicts, with the help of Ponsaty’s food, Bonar cannot go wrong.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar achieved his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He then went on to accomplish his graduate and doctorate degree from Stafford University in the UK. He began his long career working for Dalrada as Director of Technology Sales from 1992 to 1994.

Through his determination and commitment to Dalrada, he quickly advanced to Vice President, Sales and Marketing in 1994, then, Executive Vice President, and in 1995 to 1997 he was promoted to Director, President, and Chief Operating Officer. Finally, in 1998, Bonar rose to the top as CEO, Chairman of the Board.

Dalrada has done extremely well under the direction of Bonar. The company offers customized services, financial guidance, insurance, and business outsourcing services to increase a business’s productivity.

Bonar not only works as CEO for Dalrada Financial, since 2010 he has taken on the responsibility of CEO for Trucept Inc., formally known as Star-Tek Solutions, and CEO of Amanda Co. Inc.. With all of the experience Bonar has with the success of a business, it is no wonder so many people want him to run their company.

Fabletics Is The Best Place To Shop for Activewear

Fabletics is the one online shop that can give you everything you want in the world fashion and active wear. The world of shopping is becoming more and more easy with the help of online shopping, but Fabletics is the place to be if you are looking for a way to get quality clothes at the best prices. Fabletics allows you to get access to all the designer brands for one low cost monthly fee. All you need to do is just fill out a quiz, pay the fee, and you will get a complete list of products and clothing choices that fit what you’re looking for. Fabletics has been reviewed favorably by people across all media platforms.


The Krazy Koupon Lady loved the fact that the brand really reaches out to helping women find what they need. She enjoyed the fact that their style is very edgy and innovative, not to mention comes in variety so there’s never any person who can’t find what they are looking for.


A Foodie Stays Fit is another person who did not receive a single thing from Fabletics, and she ruled favorably with the company. Despite the site having trouble with certain things, she loved the fact that there were so many clothing options that fit what she needed for her workouts and day to day lifestyle.


The best part about Fabletics is that they have the new stores opening up in local stores. This will enable for you to actually get the chance to go out there and see the clothes in person. If you like any of the clothes yourself, all you have to do is try them on in person and you can even go home and have the clothes you tried on pop up in your online cart system. This is the best way to go window shopping and actually get the chance to try on the clothes before ever making the decision.


It’s very clear that people are losing what this company can do for them. The clothing is top of the line, the style is incredible, and there’s so many features that can make shopping so much easier. Take the new quiz today and start getting access to the best products out there. It’s the best site that sells quality clothing that provides you with everything you need for top of the line quality activewear at prices that nobody beats.


Bernardo Chua, the Accomplished Businessman

Bernardo Chua is one of the most accomplished personalities in the direct sale industry. Over the past few years, he has focused his efforts on tea, coffee, and other daily consumed products to introduce the globe to Ganoderma.

He has contributed to the success of two recognized companies that is currently Organo Gold and previously Gano Excel. Originally from the Philippines, his efforts have been a major determinant of the success of Ganoderma in the North America market.

Commonly referred as Bernie, he was brought up in the Philippines. His Chinese heritage enabled him to understand the Ganoderma at an early stage in life.

Ganoderma is typing on Polypore mushrooms which are located thriving on logs woods around the world and are held in high esteem in Asian countries such as China for decades. Combined with the beverages such as coffee and tea, Bernardo Chua is the first person from the region to market the products successfully.

According to Zoom Info, when he was setting up the business, Bernado Chua evaluated and assessed various business models and concluded that the direct sales is the most profitable business model. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Through this model, he would make a quick impact in growing the business in the Philippines and ignite momentum in the entire industry to propel the company to global sphere. He is a believer that direct sales are the best means of running a business in his industry.

In The Pacific Rim, Bernardo Chua is one of the most successful businessmen. In his career, he has been recognized with different awards.

Practically, he was given the Dangal ng Bayan Award for business and Industry from a team of National Consumer Quality Award in 2004 and the 22nd Annual People’s Choice. National Shopper Choice also recognized his company as the best the Direct Sales company in the category of food supplement.

The firm establishment of the Organo Gold has allowed Bernie continue to dedicate more on streamlining his business strategies. His success can be attributed to the fact that he works in close collaboration with the best producers of the organic Ganoderma in the world.

This relationship enables him to sell high-quality products at fair prices. Also, he supports the research related to Ganoderma financially; this study allows his company to be competitive once there is a breakthrough.

Samuel Strauch: A Real Estate Investing Expert

Many people Struggle to find their purpose and passion, but experts like Samuel Strauch seem to have established a balance between passion, potential, and purpose.

Even though his financial career began in banking, Samuel desire to pursue real estate led him to build a real estate business. In 2002, he decided to pursue his real estate career full time by establishing his company. The Metrik Real Estate Company was founded to offer investment opportunities to clients.

The Company focuses on providing services in three channels in capital, real estate, and development. Samuel Strauch has achieved success in equity sourcing, development, brokerage, and real estate sectors in Miami Florida and Latin America.

The company focuses on different types of investments including new developments, land and property rehabilitation. They also invest in commercial and residential income generating properties.

Metrik’s primary goal is to create a long lasting relationship through collaboration, transparency, and accountability. The team seeks to promote a growth of the investors, partners, and clients.

Samuel Strauch has built a robust reputation. The success has been attributed to his tenacity, hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and curiosity of the mind. He has also surrounded himself with experienced professionals that have helped him build a successful business.

Samuel Strauch’s philosophy is that every person should take an active approach to make a positive impact on human growth.

Education Background

Samuel Strauch holds Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from the Hofstra University. He also attended the Erasmus University Rotterdam to pursue his International Finance and International Marketing. Samuel later attended Harvard University for his Master Degree. He graduated with a degree in Executive Education in Real Estate and Capital Markets.

Aside from being an excellent real estate investor, he has developed different hobbies that keep him busy and entertained. He loves photography, cycling, and meditation.


How Karl Heideck Maneuvers The Legal Industry

Karl Heideck and the legal industryA litigator is an attorney who is responsible for representing plaintiffs and defendants in a court before a judge. The litigator plays a part when it comes to bringing a case to court and overseeing the entire process until it concludes. There are numerous phases involved in a litigation process that needs to be adhered by the litigator. These stages include pre-trail, discovery, and defense.

During the discovery stage, each side is given an opportunity to investigate the case while gathering up evidence that will later be used in the case. When the case comes to an end, the litigator is responsible for handling the settlement case if there is an agreement that needs to be done. In some cases, the other side might not be contended with how the case was done and decide to appeal. Is this is the case; the litigator has to handle that case also.

One of the best litigators in the world is based in Pennsylvania. Karl Heideck is an individual who has overrun the law industry with his numerous accomplishments and skills. He is an attorney who specializes mostly in risk management and compliance. Having attained an undergraduate degree in English and literature from Swarthmore College, Karl decided to venture into law and joined Temple University where he earned his JD.

After his graduation, it was not hard for him to be employed and start his career journey. His first job was at Conrad O’Brien where he was an associate. As an associate, he learned numerous things about the litigation process through handling government investigations and white collar offenders. This led to him becoming as a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP where he handled pharmaceutical and bankruptcy litigations. After working at the firm for almost four years, Karl decided to join Grant & Eisenhofer law firm where he currently works as a contract attorney. Karl Heideck believes and trusts he was born to become a litigator.

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Todd Lubar: A Versatile Businessman

Lubar’s education

When he was a child, Todd Lubar attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. After graduating from the institution in 1977, he moved on to the Peddie School located in Hightstown, New Jersey to do his high school studies. Todd then joined Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication.

Work history

Todd’s desire to help people made him love the real estate industry. His first job was as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. He became a conservative mortgage banking guru while working there. He says that this skill gained at Crestar has aided him a lot in his life. His curiosity and desire to know everything in the real estate industry made him form friendships with insurance agents, real estate agents, and financial planners among others.

Todd joined Legendary properties in 1999. He used his skills to bring success to the firm. The position allowed him to expand his knowledge in the mortgage industry.


After seven years of working, Todd decided to go out on his own. He created Legendary Properties which is a residential development company. While creating the company, Todd formed good friendships with people in different areas of the building process. This made the company produce products of high quality in time.

After a while, Lubar opened Charter Funding. This was a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Through this affiliation, Lubar was able to take his enterprise to great heights.

After periods of high success, Todd felt like he needed to give back to society and he formed Legendary Financial which was an affiliate of Legendary Properties. Its main aim was to lend to people and firms who were sometimes not assisted by mortgage companies and banks.

Real estate industry in Maryland

The 2008 real estate crisis severely affected the nation. After a series of implementing consumer-friendly rules, the Maryland real estate industry has recently shown signs of recovery. These rules have decreased the rate of bank foreclosures. The median price of homes in Baltimore and its environs has also increased by six percent between April 2015 and May 2016.

Information on this article can be sourced from Todd Lubar’s Linked In page and bio .

Dick DeVos: Part Of A Giving Dynasty

The DeVos family has certainly received a lot of attention for their enormous political donations. Criticism has come tenfold with the announcement of Betsy’s nomination for Secretary of Education under President Trump. Dick and Betsy stepped forward recently however, Dick finally lifting the veil on their almost $139 million given in charitable contributions which makes their political donations look like pocket change. As Dick wanted to show, their foundation handed out an astounding $11.6 million just in 2015. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation 2015 report doubles the amount given by the couple in campaign donations over the last five years.



Dick and Betsy are both part of Michigan family dynasties, with Betsy being the daughter of billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince and Dick being the heir to the Amway fortune. Both of their families have been involved in Republican politics and philanthropy for decades now, with the entire DeVos family handing out a cool $104 million in donations for the year 2015. The DeVos family was named as number 24 on Forbes‘ America’s Top Givers list, with the family’s lifetime giving approximated at $1.33 billion. That number is around a quarter of their combined estimated fortune.



When it comes to philanthropy Dick and his wife Betsy have always been dedicated primarily to education. For the year 2015, 26 percent of their charitable donations for the entire year were allotted to educational causes; $3 million. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation also doled out another $357,000 to educational reform groups. Some of the organizations that were recipients of the donations are the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, and the Potter’s House in Wyoming. Their generous giving is indicative of their passion for improving education. Both Dick and Betsy believe that the country’s current education system does not allow the American dream to be fulfilled. While critics argue about their vouchers ideas and their love for charter schools, Dick and his wife don’t think it’s right that children born in the ZIP code are not allowed the same access to education as other children. The Devos’ goal is to change the current educational platform that is one-size-fits-all.



Dick DeVos is the oldest of all the DeVos children, their father being the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Dick started working for his father’s company in 1974, becoming Vice President in 1984. He left Amway in 1989 to start work on his new business, The Windquest Group. He was selected by his father in 1991 to manage the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. He went back to Amway in 1993, this time becoming the company’s President. He oversaw the company’s restructuring in 2000, creating a new mother company, Alitcor. Just two years later he retired from his position at Alticor to invest all of his time with The Windquest Group.




Enhance Your Personal Image with beautiful Hair Today!

Are you having difficulties in keeping you natural hair in top shape? Well we have the best solution for you. Ensuring healthy hair all through the year is quite a daunting task for many female individuals. However, considering professional advice on hair care can help you maintain an attractive, strong and healthy looking hair. Some of the essential tips to consider include proper washing of the hair, use of high quality shampoos and conditioners as well as avoiding too much of electric hair straighteners. Here is one of the beauty care companies that provides quality hair products that guarantee shinny and lustrous hair.

Accomplishments of Wen by Chaz

WEN is a prominent beauty care firm that is situated in the United States. This company was founded by Chaz Dean who currently serves it as the principal. This beauty care company has an impressive net worth of over 11 million dollars. Under the direction of Chaz Dean,, Wen by Chaz has grown to become a successful company in the beauty industry by providing high quality hair products at both national and international levels. Wen by Chaz is made up of certified and qualified professionals who focus in the manufacturing of quality beauty products that suit the needs of different clients.


This company has been in the industry for over 6 years and this clearly indicates its expertise in offering quality hair products. Wen by Chaz offers hair cleaner products which are made up of quality ingredients that nourish and maintain the hair naturally. This company founded the hair product with a main agenda of smooth management of the hair and moisturizing hair on daily basis. Additionally, Wen by Chaz deals with high quality cleansing conditioners that are made in the form of cleansing shampoos. Furthermore, this company products are manufactured using modern formulas to provide efficient hair treatment. One of the advantage of Wen by Chaz shampoo is that it perfectly applies to all hair types. Need Wen? The products are available to be ordered online, simply go to or the Amazon website.